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Manufacturing in Guadalajara

Why manufacturing in Guadalajara?

Total Cost of Engagement

TCE have been added to labor and manufacturing costs to reflect not only man/hourly rates, but also lost productivity hours and additional expenses often incurred due to rework, vendor management, differening time zones, and extensive travel back and forth to global locations.


Education & Talent

Higher education and training in advanced technology is an element that can only be found in truly developed knowledge ecosystems.

Infrastructure & Utilities:

Being the second largest metropolitan area in the country and the first in terms of high tech manufacturing and design, Guadalajara possesses one of the best infrastructures for industrial development in Mexico.


Government Support & Incentives:

Guadalajara and its surrounding metropolitan area has benefited from consistent and proactive support from local administrations, receiving over $250 M USD per year in government incentives from state and federal economic development programs.


Security & IP Protection

Guadalajara has a well established security network and law enforcement policy to protect all projects with a positive impact on its inhabitants in terms of economic development and job creation. NAFTA regulations establish compatible IP protection regulations that ensure patents and other intangible assets are securely developed and protected globally.


Domestic Market & Quality of Life

Having the second largest GDP in Mexico and a 22 year-old average population, the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area provides access to one of the most developed economies within Mexico.


Political & Economic Stability

Guadalajara’s track record in terms of political and economic stability has been a positive factor in attracting investment over the last 40 years. Although Guadalajara’s economy was naturally affected by the global economic recession, all economic indicators showed a rapid recovery and stabilizing trend.


Benchmarks & Certifications

Guadalajara’s high tech industry has a clear understanding of standardized indicators that comply with non-biased competitive benchmarks as well as a varied pool of international certifications. These metrics facilitate comparison with other regions for site selection analysis.


Language & Cultural Affinity

Even though globalization has made it evident that distances and boundaries aren’t significant barriers to conducting trade and business expansion, strategic projects execution presents many challenges when there isn’t a common language and cultural affinity.



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